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    Quality Traceability System


    Perfect quality system

    Full process quality traceability

    Multi-dimensional data collection

    Visual process monitoring

    Intelligent abnormal warning

    Rich industry experience

    It covers auto parts, FMCG, machinery manufacturing, food, medical, rubber, injection molding and other related manufacturing enterprises.

    The whole process of traceability

    Including personnel (persons), equipment (machines), raw materials (materials), processes (methods), environment (environment), testing (testing).

    Mature analytical model

    Based on a large amount of historical data in the retrospective process, mining analysis and improvement points are used to assist decision-making.

    Reliable delivery team

    Deep technical know-how, mature implementation methodologies, and advanced project management concepts provide strong support for the delivery process.

    Function Introduction


    Material coding

    Raw materials storage

    Raw materials return

    Production feeding

    Process inspection

    Production reporting

    Production warehousing

    Data collection

    Quality dashboard

    Retrospective report

    Yield report

    Quality report

    Defect analysis