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    SAP 合作伙伴如何幫助你實現業務轉型

    How SAP partners can help you transform your business

    SAP Gold Partner–Qingdao Zhongke Huazhi Information Technology Co., Ltd., formally recruits SAP extended partners based on the SAP Extended Business Member Program.

    Your organization will be a member of the SAP Outreach Partner Program, gaining more business resources: such as education and training, preferential policies, technical support, academic forums, becoming part of the broader SAP partner ecosystem, and working with us to create brilliant .

    If your company wants to engage in the business of SAP Business One and eventually become the SAP direct certification partner VAR, Zhongke Huazhi is willing to share with you 12 years of business practice experience and give relevant business guidance and help you to achieve the success of SAP business one business in a certain region or a certain field! If you or your organization want to become a SAP Business One co-seller, Zhongke Huazhi welcomes your cooperation with us. Zhongke Huazhi's proven sales and pre-sale capabilities, reliable technical delivery power, numerous customer success stories, and thoughtful after-sales service are all important guarantees for us to expand the market with you!

    Please call 400-8805-661 or Email: market@zhongkehuazhi.com for more information, welcome your inquiry!