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    • SAP Business One
      SAP Business One
      SAP Business One (SAP B1) brings together your entire company's core business functions, including finance, sales, customer relationship management, inventory, and operations. At the same time, its effective and fast implementation method gives you more flexibility to control project costs and time.
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    • SAP Business ByDesign
      SAP Business ByDesign
      An ERP cloud product for small and medium-sized enterprises, developed a set of the most complete, most adaptable and on-demand business solutions for small and medium enterprises. Enterprises can use this solution to adapt to business changes and thrive.
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    • MES
      Tailored informatization factories and intelligent production tools for manufacturing enterprises. It is a lean production management system platform based on the production process for all manufacturing enterprises.
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    • WMS
      WMS is a set of high practical value system. which is widely used and seamlessly connects with SAP ERP products. It can open the data exchange between WMS and ERP documents to achieve quality traceability.
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    • GQTS
      Assign identity-coded information to individual products through carriers such as one / two-dimensional codes, or RFID.Utilizing wireless data acquisition and IoT technology to implement product traceability management in various links, improved the company's market response speed and management level.
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    • SRM
      Through ROI analysis, it helps companies to achieve procurement optimization, profit growth and accelerated enterprise development.It is a comprehensive procurement solution that helps companies to form better supply management specifications within the company.
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